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Professor Aftab Mohsin


Rashid Latif Medical College, Lahore, and its affiliated teaching hospital Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital are built, in proximity, over 28 acres of walled campus with lush green lawns and all amenities within its purpose-built campus. Here at Rashid Latif Medical College, we aim to enhance your experience, both for life in general and learning medicine in particular. If you were student, you would be challenged continuously to develop into a better person, with emphasis on acquiring leadership skills and transform into an excellent professional. And if you belong to our distinguished faculty we would like you to engage in continuous professional development activities and achieve greater empowerment. The inspiration for everyone is to become a crown jewel and in Ghalib's words.
                                                  دام ہر موج میں ہے حلقہِ صد کام نہنگ
                                      دیکھیں کیا گزرے ہے قطرے پہ گوہر ہونے تک
One important step in self-development and self-actualization is to find your purpose, and it's best done through looking inside of you by reflection and another way is to do it with a guide, a mentor, a 'Murshid'. At RLMC, you can join our Rashid Latif 'Excellence club'or become part of the Center of Healthcare Leadership initiative. And truly rise. If the purpose is to become a good doctor, the path is pretty straight forward, however to excel in any of the clinical disciplines, one has to ensure all of the following three in each of the clinical encounters with the patients, first is the commitment to beneficence, second is making patients partners in each of their management decisions, whether it relates to their diagnostic workup or part of their treatment plan and third, to takes all decisions according to the current best evidence. We strive to keep the patients first in all our initiatives. Aristotle said and I quote " We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is not an act but a habit". Keep striving for excellence in whatever you do!
Prof. Aftab Mohsin
Principal Rashid Latif Medical College,