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RLDC - Rashid Latif Dental College

Rashid Latif Dental College, established in 2017, is a prestigious institution approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) in 2018. It is affiliated with the University of Health Sciences (UHS) and is located at 35 KM Ferozepur Road in Lahore.
The college is purpose-built to 75 students. With over 100 dental units and a dental skill lab equipped with 25 phantom head units, it provides state-of-the-art facilities for practical training. Additionally, the college is attached to Arif Memorial Teaching Hospital for Medical Sciences, which boasts more than 600 beds, allowing students to gain practical experience in a clinical setting.
Rashid Latif Dental College offers comprehensive education in both basic medical and dental sciences. The basic medical sciences departments, including anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, and general pathology are taught in modern lecture halls equipped with audiovisual aids, Google Classroom, an auditorium, dissection halls, and skill labs. Similarly, the basic dental sciences departments, such as oral biology, dental materials, oral pathology, oral medicine, community dentistry, and behavioral sciences, have dedicated laboratories with all the necessary equipment. To facilitate effective learning, the college provides air-conditioned tutorial rooms with audiovisual aids, ensuring a conducive environment for students. The clinical medical sciences departments, including general medicine and general surgery, have 20 dedicated beds specifically allocated for dental students, allowing them to gain hands-on experience in patient care.
The faculty at Rashid Latif Dental College comprises fully qualified and registered professionals recognized by PMDC and UHS. They are not only experienced in their respective fields but also actively engaged in research, with their scientific articles being published in medical and dental journals. They also actively participate in local and international medical and dental conferences, ensuring that students receive the latest knowledge and exposure to advancements in the field.
The college places great importance on providing comprehensive resources to its students. It has a purpose-built library and digital library to facilitate knowledge transfer. Moreover, a dedicated computer lab equipped with the latest technology is available to students for their academic needs. Recognizing the importance of a holistic education, Rashid Latif Dental College encourages extracurricular activities for the social, physical, and mental well-being of its students. Opportunities are provided for participation in music and drama clubs, fostering creativity and personal growth. The college also offers outdoor facilities for sports such as football, cricket, volleyball, and basketball, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.
Transportation facilities are provided regularly from Hameed Latif Hospital to Rashid Latif Dental College, ensuring convenient access for students and faculty.
For accommodation needs, the college offers separate hostel facilities for boys and girls on campus. Additionally, a dedicated cafe is available to cater to the food requirements of students and staff.
Rashid Latif Dental College is committed to providing an excellent learning environment, top-notch facilities, and a holistic educational experience for its students. With its qualified faculty, cutting-edge resources, and emphasis on research and extracurricular activities, the college prepares students to become skilled dental professionals and contribute to the advancement of dental healthcare

Why Choose RLDC

“To become the Centre of excellence in the field of Health Sciences.”

Our mission is

  • Groom competent professionals who are outstanding clinicians and investigators with a passion for lifelong learning and providing the highest quality compassionate care and are sensitive to the needs of the community.
  • Provision of quality education in medicine and its related fields through effective teaching methods and techniques.
  • To keep abreast with latest developments and research from across the globe and strive to become a center for advancement for medical profession.
  • Develop clinicians who are trained to become future leaders in the field of medicine. Our graduates will uphold the dignity of their profession, practice both the art and science of medicine with altruism and incorporate the highest ethical principles into their life and practice.
  • To promote practice of evidence based Medicine.


  • 4 Lecture Halls with Air-conditioning and Multi-Media
  • 8 Labs
  • 10 Tutorial Rooms
  • 300(Seating Capacity)Student Cafeteria
  • 200 (Seating Capacity)Library
  • 62 (WorkStation) Computer Lab


  • Curriculum (PMDC and UHS approved).
  • Teaching and Learning (According to UHS guidelines)
  • Assessment Method ( Annual Exams/Internal Assessment, as per UHS guidelines).

Graduate Outcome:

The dental graduate should have achieved the following competencies:

1. Adopt and Employ Professional Attitudes and Standards / Values by:

  • Advocating for change.
  • Communicating effectively with a range of audiences, e.g., professional, policymaking bodies, the community and patients.
  • Providing dental care in a contemporary, ethical and legal environment.
  • Displaying integrity in all aspects of professional life.
  • Applying a wide understanding of social, political and cultural perspectives to inform their practice.

2. Effectively Manage Community Based Oral Health by:

  • Pursuing a vision of oral health in a wider community.
  • Committing to the improvement of oral health in the whole community, including underprivileged groups; through diagnosis, treatment and education.
  • Being informed of a preventive approach for management.
  • Engaging in the promotion of oral health and its direct relation to general health.
  • Demonstrating a commitment to optimizing one’s own oral health.

3. Effectively Manage Individual Patient Care By:

  • Using an evidenced based approach to provide holistic management.
  • Providing a broad range of dental interventions.
  • Having expertise in diagnosis, treatment planning and dental care in the long term.
  • Integrating and applying an understanding of basic, clinical, behavioral and social science concepts to inform their practice.

4. Effectively Manage a Dental Team by:

  • Working effectively as a team member of an integrated dental team and interprofessional teams.
  • Managing themselves, the available resources and people within the constraints of the context of practice.
  • Utilizing information technology for communication, patient and practice management.

5. Engage in Self Directed Life Long Learning By:

  • Using reflection and critical self assessment to inform their evidence based practice
  • Accessing modern available information critically evaluate it individually and in collaboration.
  • Using up to date learning technologies.
  • Monitoring social and economic trends and considering their implications for practice.
  • Recognizing the need for further education and undertaking appropriate courses as necessary.

Principal Message

Prof. Dr. Asif Ali Shah welcoming and Encouraging the students.