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    Message (Prof. Rashid Latif Khan)


    25th March, 2020


    This is the time to follow our Quaid,s Motto of Unity, Faith & Discipline. The whole nation should get united to fight & defeat this deadly virus. We should forget our political religious & social difference and be one nation.
    We are united to fight & defeat this pandemic. It is the time to extend our fullest cooperation to all the actions and strategies of the administration. We should have complete trust, confidence and faith in the measures of the Government. .
    As doctors it is our duty to fight this war against the virus & prove our professional expertise without any fear or fret. In view of the looming threat of the pandemic the situation may need help of even medical students. I am certain they will extend their services without any hesitation. .
    During the war army soldiers face the enemy boldly. Inspite of the threat of this contagious disease all the medical fraternity will extend their fullest cooperation. We are a disciplined force and In sha Allah we will be successful in eliminating this virus forever. .
    Wish you best of luck. .
    Prof. Rashid Latif Khan

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