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    COVID 19 Closures Make Classes Go ONLINE in Rashid Latif Medical Complex


    26th March, 2020


    March is crucial for students preparing for upcoming Professional Examinations. However, the fear of the corona virus spreading has led government all over the Pakistan to close educational Institutes, affecting millions of students countrywide.
    In Punjab, Educational Institutes will remain closed till 7th April, 2020 due to Lockdown. Rashid Latif Medical Complex may be shut down, but our Faculty and teaching staff are hard at work. In a bid to ensure learning is not compromised around the closure, they are experimenting with e-learning platform such as Hangout and WhatsApp messenger.
    Rashid Latif Medical Complex is doing all we can to ensure learning does not stop. We have scheduled a daily (Monday to Friday) timetable of all Institutes where our Faculty take online lectures and also uploaded on our LMS.
    Besides being the survival kit during the Covid-19 outbreak, Rashid Latif Medical Complex is yet to fully benefit from alternative methods of learning.
    The team behind an online platform, RLMC, is intent on changing that.